Thursday, December 13, 2012

The other day was 12.12.12 & crap I didn't write anything for what happen on that day. Anyways, I never knew that those boring days was unexpected for a start, today/s 12.14.12 & my best-friend is coming over to visit me. I guess sometimes what I say in a funny manner do happened. I mean I didn't mean that my best-friend would ever break up with her boyfriend & I guess it's my fault? I really don't know. But her boyfriend is kinda like a very strict yet didn't show any effort on her that's why my best-friend would always leans on me whenever she got some problems on her mind. Well it's been 5 years I guess since we met on our high school years & I won't agree on something that could totally ruin her love-life or even her emotions. But-dubs the really weird thing here is, her boyfriend doesn't even want to meet me.. even my best-friends, best-friend on her University. I mean cut the crap it's not like I'm going to eat him or scare him evidently. How can my best-friend stand his attitude? Well I guess it's what she calls love then I'm cool with it. Awkward love but I'm cool with it just for her of course.