Sunday, November 11, 2012

So I don't have any options of going to Ceu next year! Wishing all the best from my Feu friends tho. But while I'm still studying here tho, I need to do & work at my very best this semester! I mean days are always coming fast when your not waiting for that day to come. Prelims are almost coming and I don't have time to study. Fuck this kind of shits this semester it's not different than the 1st semester tho. I mean literally 1 hour commute to school is hell of a fuck! Being a Mass Communication student just fucked my world up, I thought it would be that easy for me but it's a big NO! Oh well! HRM or Tourism? Hmm.. Might as well picked the easiest of them'all. Hale for being a HRM student soon, then will always hang with my best friend everyday. Spreading my Good Vibes around her! Yeey for me!  

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