Thursday, December 13, 2012

The other day was 12.12.12 & crap I didn't write anything for what happen on that day. Anyways, I never knew that those boring days was unexpected for a start, today/s 12.14.12 & my best-friend is coming over to visit me. I guess sometimes what I say in a funny manner do happened. I mean I didn't mean that my best-friend would ever break up with her boyfriend & I guess it's my fault? I really don't know. But her boyfriend is kinda like a very strict yet didn't show any effort on her that's why my best-friend would always leans on me whenever she got some problems on her mind. Well it's been 5 years I guess since we met on our high school years & I won't agree on something that could totally ruin her love-life or even her emotions. But-dubs the really weird thing here is, her boyfriend doesn't even want to meet me.. even my best-friends, best-friend on her University. I mean cut the crap it's not like I'm going to eat him or scare him evidently. How can my best-friend stand his attitude? Well I guess it's what she calls love then I'm cool with it. Awkward love but I'm cool with it just for her of course. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Morning! Friday love with complete family. Live less stress now! Not depressed and always well dress. The funny thing about today is my auntie is cooking lunch and ako kelangan may special ulam kasi hindi ko gusto yung ulam today. Even though I'm a teen I just eat leafy veggies! Hahaha. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still can't get him out of my mind even if I really want to. Anyways, 30 min. till' 12mdnight & still I'm awake. Being a teen really rock it. Everybody keeps on saying that my generation will be the coolest grandparents ever. Happy thought though. Should I just sleep or just keep on blogging this account. Actually, this was a private & open-minded account that only ME would know. Life networking journal then post this kind of shits here. Anyways, guess this would be my goodnight for now! Love is such a sweet word but hard to encounter! Meaning saktan doon, paasa there, iyak diyan, sumpa dito. Seriously girls like that is a mind fucking migraine. Girls like us don't do that kind of things! Move-on is the only way. Goodnight!

The feeling that you did a lot to please him but still wala pa ring nangyare? This is bullshit men! I don't quite get it why do boys need to act like that? Are they gay or something. Hindi ako umasa but na-feel ko na I'm just being his second option. Yup ma-pera ako, I can do alot of things with my bucks but seeing you bullshitting me around is the shitess thing I've ever encounter. I'm not calling him that he's a b*tch or something but he's perfectly acting like one. Even though the approachable hug when I was just watching a movie then kiss me after was a really nice thought for a man to keep him falling for you all the time. 


Monday, November 12, 2012

Tuesday love! Can't imagine that this day would be the greatest day ever. Hahahaha ;)))) Unfortunately I have no class meaning stressed free from school but still need to do some couple of home-works while staying home. But-dubs I have no plan for this day and by tomorrow I still don't have any class yet. Hmm.. better enjoying my Tuesday & Wednesday than never, right? =))))))) xoxo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

So I don't have any options of going to Ceu next year! Wishing all the best from my Feu friends tho. But while I'm still studying here tho, I need to do & work at my very best this semester! I mean days are always coming fast when your not waiting for that day to come. Prelims are almost coming and I don't have time to study. Fuck this kind of shits this semester it's not different than the 1st semester tho. I mean literally 1 hour commute to school is hell of a fuck! Being a Mass Communication student just fucked my world up, I thought it would be that easy for me but it's a big NO! Oh well! HRM or Tourism? Hmm.. Might as well picked the easiest of them'all. Hale for being a HRM student soon, then will always hang with my best friend everyday. Spreading my Good Vibes around her! Yeey for me!