Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still can't get him out of my mind even if I really want to. Anyways, 30 min. till' 12mdnight & still I'm awake. Being a teen really rock it. Everybody keeps on saying that my generation will be the coolest grandparents ever. Happy thought though. Should I just sleep or just keep on blogging this account. Actually, this was a private & open-minded account that only ME would know. Life networking journal then post this kind of shits here. Anyways, guess this would be my goodnight for now! Love is such a sweet word but hard to encounter! Meaning saktan doon, paasa there, iyak diyan, sumpa dito. Seriously girls like that is a mind fucking migraine. Girls like us don't do that kind of things! Move-on is the only way. Goodnight!

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